Thursday, September 4, 2008

Technical problems...

Hating blogger right now! I can't figure out how to get the font below back to normal, and meanwhile the template is suddenly punctuated by blue and purple! Help. :(

Back later to try to fix it...


  1. Лиза, а какой цвет текста у тебя был? Ты как-то изменяла HTML?

  2. Everything looks fine to me. I just think you have WAAAAAY too much free time on your hands.

    BTW, when are you heading back to mama Russia?

    I was thinking about going there this month, but I still can't make my mind up. Money is an issue.

    If you're looking for cheap(er) tickets, check this site out:, on that site, offers unbelievably good rates.

  3. Vitali, you're back!

    It might have been just a temporary problem with blogger. I'm going back to Russia on Sept.8th. We normally use a Christian travel agent to purchase tickets. But thanks for the tip.

  4. Sept, 8th! It's coming up on you rather soon!

    Excited? Terrified? Whatever?

    I have a nephew in St. Pete. He's not a Christian. What a guy! He moved from his home area for a better life and now is making a good money there.

    If I ever travel to see my mom I may stop by him.

  5. I was surprised to see recently that tickets to Russia right after Christmas were so reasonable (comparitively). I need advice.... My son Sergei and I hope to go to visit his sister Nadia near Rostov. Would it be just too cold and miserable in December/January? Or would it be festive due to the holidays? The other "best" chance in terms of price would be to go in early April. What do you Russian folks think (you, too, Elizabeth).

  6. Annie,

    Since Rostov is closer to the Black Sea (and those regions) it's not going to be as cold as, let's say, the central part of Russia would be. You can have a light winter coat, light sweaters and not too heavy winter boots and you will get by just fine over there. But then again, there are exceptions to every rule. Russia can be unpredictible and some winters happen to be cooler than the others.

    If you decide not to go in Jan. or around that time, go there in early May instead. The Spring in Rostov is amazing.

  7. Possibly stupid question: Annie, do you mean Rostov, or Rostov-na-donu?

    I think I've been to Rostov, but it was in the summer.

  8. Rostov, Rostov na Donu is the same city. The locals prefer to call it Rostov.

    There's a russian song that goes something like this:

    "Rostov papa, Odessa mama" and so forth.

  9. But there is a small town called Rostov located in the Golden Ring. That's a different location. Am I wrong?

  10. I don't know. I've never heard of it. I am guessing there are other towns/villages in Russia with that name. Although, I do not recall any.

  11. I suppose Annie meant the better-known one, although the Golden Ring is quite pretty, I have been to Vladimir and Suzdal.

  12. I think you are both right. My boys from Rostov-na-danu just say "Rostov", but I do think I heard of another little place called that. Rostov-na-danu in the south is what I am thinking of.

    We were in Russia (Ivanovo) in May and it was the most exquisite, idyllic, beautiful experience imaginable. Not only was the weather perfect, but spring (my theory) made everyone glad. And, of course, being their to adopt my dear little boy made me pretty happy, too.

    I'd vastly prefer spring, but I noticed that the rates went up significantly after mid-April.


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