Monday, September 1, 2008

Movie Review

I now pronounce "The Bachelor" the stupidest movie ever. I didn't even like the "happy ending." All of the characters in the movie had horrible values, except maybe for the priest.

There, that's my movie review.


  1. Ну что ж, коротко и ясно. Плохой фильм длинных рецензий не заслуживает :)

  2. Why did you go to it? I am so picky "ahead of time" that I miss a lot of good movies. My daughter and I went to see "Brideshead Revisited". I had forgotten what sort of writer Waugh is. As Lydia said, "I didn't care about any of those people". Maybe not, but the "character" of the house/Church was fascinating as were the characters' relationships to it. I've never felt so much like I wanted to write a paper! Seems like the only way to fully explore all the imagery and symbolism in that movie.

  3. Should point out that Evelyn Waugh was a thoroughly Roman Catholic writer, so it would be most interesting to a Catholic audience, probably.

  4. I didn't go to it, I just stopped on it when I was channel-surfing and wanted to know the end. There was nothing racy in it, just stupidity. And I was cranky because I have a cold.

    I give credit to the priest because he was the only one who said something positive about marriage. Corny, but positive.

    I am pretty picky about going to movies too, basically the only ones I go to see are cartoons or family movies like the Chronicles of Narnia. It's too awkward when you're sitting in the theater and something inappropriate comes on!


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