Thursday, June 26, 2008

Six months

Six months until Christmas. And before that, Advent. I say this not to throw anyone into a panic, but because I like to think of ways to celebrate, far in advance when I don't have to actually do any work yet and can just fantasize.

Also, in one month I will be back in the States, and I will want to gather some special Advent materials that I can't get here, like Advent calendars, nativity sets, etc. And I wanted to do a little research so that if I need to make an order I'll have plenty of time for it to be delivered.

Maybe some of you have kids or teach Sunday school and know where these things can be purchased. Or maybe you're a fan of homemade decorations. I am too, but I would like to at least have patterns, instructions, supplies lists, etc. I know that there is a lot on the Internet, but it's so tedious going through it all and downloading what I need. I would much rather have a hard copy of the instructions, if I'm going to make something myself!

Input appreciated!


  1. Gosh; I probably have lots of things I could share with you! I'm not thinking of Advent, though!

    I can share the directions and explanation of those "Life of Christ" bracelet kits. I sent a bunch of the kits to a missionary in Ivanovo. I am hoping I didn't put it all in Publisher (unless you have it). Let me know!

  2. Hmmm, that sounds interesting for camp, but I'm leaving in a week and probably won't be able to get supplies. What are they made out of?

  3. Let me try to e-mail you. I can show you the photos... Oh! The photos are on my blog, I think (though not the directions).

    They could, actually, be an Advent project, as the "story" begins in Advent, as it were.

    There's a link in that post to the one of the bracelets, themselves. I got all the different beads at JoAnn's and Michael's (craft stores).

  4. My e-mail address is...


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