Monday, June 23, 2008


I decided to check out different programs for cataloging personal book collections. One site is Librarything. It looks like it has some nice features. You type in the ISBN or other search info and it finds a profile for the book and adds it to your online collection.

Unfortunately, the first few books I checked were a bit non-traditional and I couldn't find them. One was printed by a small Christian publishing house and the other was printed in Russia but translated from an American title. I had the ISBN, but couldn't get any results. When I tried better-known authors like James Dobson, I did get results. But I'm not sure if it's worth the time if half the books aren't in the system.

Any other suggestions?



    Try this for your out of print books...maybe it will help.

    Our student visas were denied, btw, so we are trying a different way...may be only for 3 months though.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    I'm sorry about your visas. :( Just today I heard about some recent developments. They definitely seem to be cracking down. It's something to pray about. I plan to enter on a 3-month visa and then maybe a working visa after that. I'm still piecing it all together.

  3. I'm sure that a huge number of my books wouldn't appear on any list... but that's what makes my bookshelves interesting!


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