Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Sunday

What a day! There were a lot of reasons to celebrate.

First of all, we observed Pentecost today. Our worship service was dedicated to the Holy Spirit and the role that He plays in our lives.

Secondly, we closed the Sunday school season with performances by the kids. There were poetry readings, skits, and dancing.

I just about died from the cuteness when these two little bees made their appearance (the one on the left is asking for the microphone so she can say her poem).

Next, the reason I ended my wedding post with "To be continued" is that today at church we also engagement! Although Lida and Victor hadn't made their relationship public yet, they had both been seeking wise counsel. Before we prayed for them, the pastor encouraged the church to be attentive from now on and offer support. They're not planning a wedding yet, but they wanted to take this step in front of the church.

My next activity wasn't really a reason for celebrating; after church I took my friend Olya to the train station. At least she has a chance to go home for a break and to see her family.

Bon Voyage!

And last, but not least, Happy Father's Day to my dear dad! If I were home, I would take you out to lunch! I extend those congratulations to my grandfathers and uncles as well, and to any other fathers reading this post!

It's only 9 pm. What other news does this day hold? :)

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