Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More photos

Here is a row of kiosk-style shops, a dying breed in St.Petersburg. A lot of shopping now is done in big supermarkets. I have to say that I like self-service, but on the other hand, where do you go if you need just one item and don't have time to stand in line for hours? It was kind of handy in the past, going up to the window and getting a loaf of bread while you were waiting at the bus stop.

I draw the line at meat. You can't see it very well, but the display cases in this kiosk are stacked with different kinds of meat, just sitting in the open air of the shop. You point to which specimen you want, and they hand it to you through the little window.

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  1. I saw (and purchased from) a lot of these in Moscow. I do think they are wonderfully handy - and to my mind, keep me more frugal than the big markets. I lived in NYC for a while, and enjoyed buying at the individual little shops - everything seemed better. Fresh and good. Beautiful photos, too! You make me SO hungry for some good Russian bread!


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