Saturday, July 14, 2007

A mess

The city is a mess right now. Summer repairs are in full gear: roads are torn up; pipes are lying around waiting to be installed; the cold or hot water is turned on and off intermittently.

And today we had a flood. Once again I managed to avoid getting drenched; it rained once while I was in the metro and another time while I was at my destination. On my way home I only had to run a few minutes to and from bus stops, and got wet only as I neared home.

We did have to drive through a river to get to the metro, though. There were cars and people stranded everywhere. Somehow we managed to keep going and the car didn't stall, although I looked down at one point and the water was seeping up under my feet.

I made it home and had a bowl of soup. :)

In other news, we got new mailboxes in our apartment building.

I'm not sure if there were ever any to begin with. I've never received mail. The bills get stuffed in the door.

It's always interesting, in this city, to watch repairs pop up all around. I often wonder who makes the priorities in the city development. And who pays for it. Why is it that "they," whoever they are, can put in a new playground, but not wash the windows in a hospital? What's the point of putting in new bus stops with metal benches, when Russians are afraid to sit on metal benches?


  1. Why are Russians afraid to sit on metal benches?

  2. First of all, because metal is cold and cold makes you sick.

    Secondly, because sitting on a cold bench can make you infertile.

    But if you sit on a plastic bag on the bench, it's okay. :)


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