Tuesday, July 3, 2007

End of Vladimir

Somehow it has taken me over a week to recount my trip to Vladimir. On the third day of our seminar, we visited another orphanage that has made the transition to patronat families. The orphanage staff and psychologists explained how they find host families and build relationships with them. They have a binder for each family and for each child in need of a family. They also have photo albums of the families that already host children. We were invited to drop in on one of the families briefly.

On our last day, we took a trip to the beautiful destination of Suzdal, which featured a multitude of old Medieval churches nestled in the countryside.

This stained glass is not part of a church, but is displayed in the train/bus station in Vladimir!

One of the sights of Suzdal...

With Marina in the countryside.

Now I'm finally caught up. In future posts, I'll be going back to "normal" life, as well as exploring our findings from our trip.

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