Friday, September 15, 2017

August Survey/Selfie

Yep, I'm back-dating this...driving me nuts not being able to update! Someday! (actually couldn't find the scheduling tab to push this back to August)

Meanwhile in the North

What I've been...

Reading: Marie Kondo (finally), Sky Blue trilogy by Karol Whaley, Heidi Elliott series by Kimberly Stuart

Watching:  Wild Kratts, Anthony Bourdain culinary adventures

Cooking/Eating: Borscht and other soups, omelets with squash, saffron rice.

Listening to: Super Simple Songs on YouTube-perfect for toddlers.

Striving towards: Unpacking and decluttering.

Looking forward to: The new school year.

What David is up to: Constructing spider-webs, sculpting snakes, spouting information of various types.

What Sophia is up to: Toddling around with armfuls of toys, climbing on higher and higher pieces of furniture.

Your turn!


  1. I LOVE your photo! It looks like a WW11 saint - Edith Stein or someone.Here's me:

    Reading: Be Healed by Bob Schuchts (changing my life)

    Watching: Dicte, wonderful Scandanavian crime drama

    Cooking/Eating: LOVING "Hello Fresh"!

    Listening to: Amazing Podcast "Unrevealed"

    Striving towards: Unpacking and decluttering. (Me,too!)

    Looking forward to: Having the programs up and running at the new parish, so it really will be a part-time job.

    What Monnie is up to: Jumping, playing NEXT TO her lovely sandbox,in mud. Enjoying her new kitten.

    1. I wanted to try Hello Fresh this summer and never got around to it, partly because we were trying to use local produce.

  2. I would LOVE to see David and Monica together. She is also full of information! "Can I tell you something?" We hear that 50 times a day.


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