Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New normal

Anyone else on an academic schedule? I always look forward to the routine that September brings. Andrei's new job this semester has a pretty heavy workload, but at least we know what to expect each day. I have to plan for things like cooking dinner each day since I don't have anyone to go to the store for me and no childcare while I'm doing kitchen stuff. Sometimes it's easier to get done if I'm not counting on someone's help. Of course my MIL is there to help out sometimes though.

One thing about this season (in life and otherwise) is that I don't really get a big chunk of time in the evening. It's basically eat dinner, put kids to bed, put myself to bed (including minimal kitchen clean-up and before-bed routine). Unfortunately, going to bed earlier isn't really resulting in much more sleep. I remember David started sleeping really well starting from about age 3, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for 2 more years of this....(such a sweet age though, all things considered).

Awake at midnight...

The good news is I have a new undamaged laptop and fairly reliable Internet (no thanks to Windows 10 though), and I set it up in the hallway. So I can steal a moment here and there to check up on things online and even jot down a few thoughts or two.

"Command Central," a non-Pinterest version...

This is the time of year when I have to do a lot of Immigration stuff. In fact, I might be involved with it for the next 6 months. :/ There are so many fun fall projects and friend activities and things I would rather be spending time on, but it's hard to enjoy life with all of the paperwork hanging over me!


  1. Ha, I like your "command central"! Looks like the Cabo at in my hallway - my laptop is always out like that too!

    1. Ha ha, thanks, it's the perfect height and I can pretty much hear the kids from any room in the house.

  2. If there is something called "Command Central" I absolutely need one, and have completely LOST IT!

    Long ago, I used to have a nice desk in the laundry room that I used....then it became a sewing space and I began to do my paperwork at the office. Now I lost my office, and my important documents are 1) at the new office, b) in a box on the bedroom floor, c) in my purse and d) scattered around the kitchen and dining room. I hope to set up a desk here, but right now I'm writing from the BED. And not because it is nighttime - because it is the only place I can go to be alone - and that's because Anastasia is at work. I need a new normal because this simply CAN NOT be it!

    Yes we have an academic schedule. I wouldn't know what to do without one!!!

    1. Well I was working on my posture also, but realized I am hunched over writing this. I've given up hope of having a sewing space OR work desk. Right now I'm sitting at Andrei's. That's the beauty of a laptop, I just need a flat surface. Even sitting at a coffee table with a low stool would work. My documents are folderized, but I'm not good at putting them back when I'm done. So I'm about to get everything out for Immigration tomorrow.


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