Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tantrum Terror

David is 23 months old! Such an...interesting...age.

Whatchu lookin at?

Okay, to start with the positive, the language development is fascinating! Just a month ago I observed that David was using more English than Russian, but recently his Russian has really been picking up. Good timing for us to take a trip to the U.S.! He definitely mingles the two languages, and sometimes he repeats the same word in both languages for emphasis.

He works really hard to find words that will express what he wants! For awhile now he has been saying "Syooda, syooda" (here, here) and points to his table or cup for us to give him something. He also says "BOY" to mean that the object is for HIM, or that HE wants some too.

And then the latest is that he figured out to say "need" in Russian, which is "NUZHNO." It is so funny to hear him asking for things (specifically SUGAR), saying that he NEEDS it. Last night he woke up and was calling for us and I heard him saying "Mama nuzhno, Mama nuzhno." Andrei went back in and settled him but then he woke up again and I couldn't deny him a little cuddle session...he'd better not forget anytime soon that he needs me!

He also tries to say "give" because he heard us saying it in Russian, but it sounds funny because he uses the wrong verb form. And in English he says "find," "do it," and "fix it."


Getting back to need...we're in the land of SAM...no, not the name, the word that means "MYSELF" in Russian (it's actually more of an "ah" sound...sahm).

"Shirt OFF!"


We're definitely in tantrum territory and I'm learning firsthand what it's like to be the parent with "that child"....although it usually happens at home as we don't go out too much!

A few articles about "sharing" have been circling the Internet, and I've been thinking about that as well. But in general I would say that having your child throw a tantrum isn't as embarrassing as you might think. Yes, everyone will probably stare and possibly judge you. But when you're in "Mama Bear" mode, you don't really care. He is not hurt or scared, just a little frustrated. He needs to be distracted and/or comforted in the disappointment of not getting his way. Sometimes we use little bribes and sometimes we don't.

I guess it is harder to deal with the tantrums in the way you'd like when you're stuck in a metro car or airplane (gulp). Hence the bribes. But it still isn't the end of the world. Yes, it annoys other people and an apology might be in order, but I'm still not going to be mortified or ashamed that my child is acting his age. Doesn't he have a right to express his needs and wants?

Anyway, I know I probably sound like one of those "child-centric" parents, and I'm definitely not against training/discipline, but I still want to be my child's advocate. He can't quite do that for himself yet!

I'm Russian and I can rock florals AND tights. My mom said so.


  1. Yep, don't like to use bribes but sometimes it just happens ;) Joshua has had his fair share of tantrums....lately it's turned into high pitched, very loud screams when he wants to get his way, it can be frustrating to deal with, especially out in public! And love the florals and tights, lol

  2. So funny! Monnie will have tantrums, too, if we don't let her do certain things herself. Like walk up and down stairs! She loves drama and will throw herself to the floor and use every dramatic gesture to express the fact that life is simply too hard! I don't pay attention to tantrums either; usually they don't last long - and like you, we don't go in public too much. But church. That's a problem. I do not like to sit in the back in the section for parents and children,because I want to be attentive myself and can't be there. Issues. I left her home this week, and felt like a bad "mommy".

    HOW I wish Monica had the opportunity to learn two languages. Darn it! My Russian is just not good enough, and neither is Anastasia's.

    David is very cute. Anastasia the other day made some comment about some little boy baby who would make a good arranged marriage for Monnie - and then she looked at me and said (for all the world as if we were serious about this stuff) - but you already have her fixed up with that boy in Russia, don't you? So - he's got a cute girlfriend waiting in Michigan!

    1. They just HAVE to meet! So they can decide for themselves. ;)

    2. As far as church, I like having David with me and I want to experience the service as a family. But it really is a problem at this age. Almost all of the kids his age have meltdowns during the services, though some can make it through the worship music at the beginning. So we don't usually attempt it.


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