Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday time is crazy time

I'm back! I didn't really plan on a blogging hiatus, but I was feeling out of sorts all last week. Birthdays are hard work! Shopping, cooking, lots of interacting... but at the same time it's always sad when it goes by unnoticed... so I'm not sure what the "perfect" birthday would look like. Just glad it's only once a year, LOL!

(I was given a few beautiful bouquets, but didn't take a picture. Imagine a photo in this spot.)

We just have one week left to get ready for our trip to the U.S. In that time we will also celebrate Andrei's birthday (on Sunday) and then David's/Vladimir's in advance (theirs are in July after we leave). Oh yeah, and there's a baby shower on Saturday for someone at church. As I type this I have all these games pulled up on my computer that I'm trying to translate for a Russian audience.

Packing itself isn't such a big deal because we're going into civilization. It takes time, though. And of course there are all the last-minute tasks like cleaning the refrigerator, etc. But at least Nina and Vladimir will be able to check on our apartment while we're gone.

It's amusing scrolling down and seeing the post about how sunny it was a few weeks ago. Last week was rainy and cold! I didn't really mind too much because it's nice to be able to use the oven without giving it a second thought. But apparently I will always find an excuse not to leave the house.

I haven't been able to count on David's naptime a lot lately for performing various tasks. Either he doesn't sleep very long, or we have something going on during that time, like guests coming. So I always have a ton to do in the evening, and stay up too late, and feel drowsy the next day. Vicious cycle...


  1. We've had the same sort of coldish weather here. Feels so depressing. I need summer! Monnie's naps are likewise becoming shorter. One day she didn't nap at all. Yipes. Just to compare - Aidan took two naps a day until he was 15 months, and a long afternoon nap up until he was 6 and a half! I didn't start him in kindergarten when he was 5 because he still needed such a significant nap, I was afraid he wouldn't be ready for 1st grade!

    1. I was reading a girl's blog just yesterday and there was a photo of her toddler still sleeping at 11 am after going to bed at 9pm! I suppose if we had really busy days David might sleep more soundly, but who knows. I hesitate to inquire because I know sleep "training" is often involved, and we're really not comfortable with that. David has had a good run of long naps and sometimes it still happens, but I can't assume.


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