Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Typical" Wednesday

I feel like it takes me all of Monday and Tuesday to make up for the craziness that is Sunday (going to church and coming home and feeling a zombie and getting totally behind on everything, while knowing it's worth it).

And then Wednesday comes along and is guaranteed to be a full evening because of hosting small group, but it gives me something to look forward to and a reason to get dressed/do some cleaning (not that I don't strive for the same result on other days, but with varying degrees of success).

However, no two Wednesdays are the same, and often something fun/interesting happens. Here's how today went:

Late morning: David falls asleep in my arms on the couch, 2-3 hours before naptime. Ummm...that wasn't on my schedule. I took him into the bedroom with me and got under the covers, because the rest of the apartment was freezing. Down in the 40s outside and it seems that our heat has been switched off for the "summer."

I probably got about an hour of sleep and David slept for 2 hours.

Early afternoon: Andrei is back from errands. Now that he's mostly done with academic obligations, we can do some of those things we've been putting off for a long time. Today he brought my computer back from the repair shop. It had been broken since December. I guess they had to reformat it or whatever the term is, and now it works.

Lunch and housework...

5 pm Nina arrives, with lots of parcels for us and a sore back. :/ As usual we agreed to a few apples and a carton of eggs, only to have her show up with a gallon of (homemade) soup, meat for sandwiches, baked chicken, special foods for David, etc. etc. etc.

David attaches himself to Nina for the next 4 hours...

I'm getting ready for small group while David and his "Ba-ba" gallop in and out.

6 pm I start to make sandwiches for small group and then am reminded that the birthday boy (from church) is ordering pizza. That means he's not bringing a cake, which means instead of a savory snack we need something sweet. What can I make in 40 minutes? Brownies! I use up all the sugar though, we just have a few cubes left for people to use in their tea.

6:45 pm Brownies are in the oven, first guest is already here!

7 pm The pizza order is here and the pizza orderer is not. We do not have any cash ready. Awkward moment as Andrei and I run around searching various pockets and envelopes to come up with the right amount.

(in the middle of this another person arrives)

7:10 pm The birthday boy and his girlfriend are here, simultaneously arriving with his mother, another close friend, and a young man who recently became a Christian.

The mom of the birthday boy needs a vase for the huge bouquet of roses from her son. The young man needs a towel so he can wash his feet after having worked a double shift.

Most of these people aren't regulars and just came to join in the birthday fun. We're running out of chairs and had something else planned.

But the rest of the regulars don't show up, so we have exactly enough chairs, as usual.

8:00 pm It's time for "cake" and the candles have practically melted where I placed them on top of the warm brownies, but we manage to get a few to stand up so we could light them. Happy Birthday!

Then it's discussion time, a lesson on Psalms. We were supposed to read C.S. Lewis on Psalms for homework, but most of us didn't get that far. Still, Andrei prepared well and we have a nice time talking about the content and structure of the Psalms. We even practice writing our own!

9:30 pm Everyone is out the door, a tiny bit earlier than usual, but right on time since David is pretty tired and as it is I have to bribe him with goldfish crackers to get him out of Nina's arms.

10:30 pm Andrei and I have a little dinner and compare notes, and then head into our evening computer time...yawn.

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