Thursday, May 8, 2014

Detective Work

Oh, the things I witness from my kitchen window! We have a pretty good view up here on the 7th floor.

First and foremost, the kitchen window is where we wave from whenever someone is coming or going. This is the tradition in Andrei's family, and it is strictly adhered to! A popular variation is to wave some sort of dishtowel, like a flag...even David has picked up on that one.


In winter, I sometimes look out and see people slipping and falling. On a few occasions, everyone is falling in the same spot. I wish I could shout a warning to them somehow!

Then there are more noteworthy occasions, like the time I looked out to see the former director of Nastia and Masha's orphanage. And you can review some other adventures under the "kitchen window" tag.

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen and heard an odd sort of THUD. I guess it sounded like a car door slamming, but something told me it was something a little different. Even weirder was that when I looked out the window, I saw people looking UP. But I didn't see anything. Maybe it was just coincidence that a few people were looking up at the same time? But no, they were definitely looking in the same direction, intentionally.

The scene of the caper

I looked and looked for clues. Do you see anything out of the ordinary? Eventually I did notice that a certain car had some puddles around it, while others didn't. That could be an oil spill, right? But the pattern was unusual. I kept thinking about college and a certain boys' mens' male floor from which super-soakers were being fired at will. Was a water gun shooter the culprit here?

Another few people walked by the car, and they looked right up at that building. WHY? Was something on the roof?

Just then, Andrei came in and asked if I had seen the altercations outside. Apparently someone was mad at someone else. Maybe the person on the top floor was mad at the owner of the car? Parking spot trouble?

A passersby walked up to the car, picked up a water bottle from the ground nearby, and walked on. So apparently a water bottle had been thrown, and hit the car, and leaked water. I'm still not sure what the motive was!

Today, though, there are no such clues. It is raining. 


  1. crying. It all sounds like the makings of a good detective story.

  2. Yes! Fascinating. I'm glad nothing actually happened, though. The most excitement was a dumpster on fire (out the other set of windows). David got to see a firetruck, but at the same time no one was hurt. Happy ending.


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