Friday, May 17, 2013


Andrei is up grading students' work and David is between coughing fits (sleeping), so I guess I get to go to bed finish kitchen clean-up do a little blogging!

Do you ever analyze why you have trouble meeting certain goals? What gets in your way? The other day I was thinking about my household chores and wondering why I just can't get around to doing the floors. The kitchen floor gets sprayed with baby food daily and it just gets a little swipe with a rag, but I rarely do the whole floor.

What gets in my way? Honestly, I always feel like I should vacuum before washing the floor, and that means dragging the vacuum out. Which means the baby has to be cared for during that time period. And then I have to have the actual mopping supplies on hand. And before vacuuming I should do the dusting, right? It's not that the actual task of mopping the floor is hard, it's just that I have to FACILITATE the event actually taking place. I have to figure out what steps might lead up to my actually taking the desired action.

And then I wondered what else I could accomplish the same way. For example, why don't I read my Bible more? Well, I can never decide on a translation, and then I wanted to read the Russian translation, but I lost my copy, so I can only read the full version on my computer, or borrow Andrei's. And then I have to lug my computer around from room to room, and if David is awake then he'll want to come play with the computer. I suppose I could keep a Bible/notebook/pen in each room of the house, just to make sure it happens. Clearly, I need a system.

We will always have our vices to struggle with, but we can make it easier to come out on top.

A few things I've implemented:

-if I put my vitamins on the kitchen table, I'm more likely to remember to take them
-if I cut up fruits/veggies into cute/bite-sized pieces, I'm more likely to eat them instead of junkfood
-if I have a rag/other cleaning supplies within arms' reach, I'm more likely to take a few minutes to do a really quick dusting/mirror shining/whatever.
-same goes for making reading material available!

The only problem is that this system requires having stuff "out," which doesn't always work well with tidyness. Hmmm.

What works for you?


  1. What a SUPER post! I probably have a few things that work, but for the bathroom, one is keeping paper towels and windex in there. AND, a broom and dustpan. I do the floors (kitchen and bathroom) by sweeping, and then doing the rest on my hands and knees. Then I feel it is really clean - and it doesn't take that long. In the kitchen I use a scrub rag, and in the bathroom I use the papertowel - and I don't know why the difference! I guess I somehow feel the bathroom dirt is grosser.

    We do the vitamins on the table, too! And, when I force myself to cut up the fruits and vegetables - I do eat them - you're right!

    1. There are times I'm thankful for a small bathroom! :) I do the hands and knees too for the most part; the mop always makes me feel like a klutz.

      I recently discovered that I have a micro-fiber cloth for glass-cleaning. No Windex required, but it does take a bit of elbow grease.


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