Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feeling Better

I am feeling better emotionally than I have since David was born in a long time. Maybe all this sad news has given me a new perspective.

Maybe it's the sunshine and warmer weather giving me an attitude boost.

Or getting outside more regularly.

Or just the Lord working miracles in me.

As a new mom, I have found it hard to pace myself and manage my emotions. The milestones don't really happen according to a textbook. If I knew when certain challenges would pass, I could try to be patient until then. I have learned to be more patient, or not to hold my breath. 6 weeks might mean 4 months, 7 months might mean 9 months. The problem that we worried about yesterday was solved overnight. And other changes are here to stay.

I feel like I've had a little more time on my hands lately. I don't keep exact records, but I've been updating this blog and even my cooking blog more regularly, that's how I can tell. :) Of course, at the end of the day there are always still a ton of tasks I haven't gotten to, but it doesn't make me feel depressed.

Well, almost 1am-here's hoping David Andreevich is asleep for night, and that we soon will be, too!

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