Monday, May 20, 2013

On This Day in (the) History of David

David is 10 months old, and we're in true "bumps and bruises" territory now. I always thought under a year was still infancy, but I'm not sure I can even think of him as a baby anymore. He is already so good at letting us know his likes and dislikes. ;)

-Bill of Health: Currently, bronchitis. :( We are thankful that he doesn't seem to be in danger, but those coughing fits can be worrisome!

-Catching up: I have no idea where David is on the development spectrum. Barring any serious health complications, babies always seem to be somewhere between points A and B. Though one may be closer to the destination than another, their development is never stagnant, as far as I can tell.

When babies around the same age as David have reached a milestone and he hasn't, I don't pay much attention. However, if I could look ahead to the future, I'd see that he'd get to that point right on time. For example, 1) The pediatrician wanted us to give him calcium supplements to make the teeth come faster. We didn't; he now has 4 teeth. 2) A month or two ago he was still mostly preferring to crawl "army-style," on his tummy. Now he hurdles around on all fours like a pro. 3) Oh, the horror! He's 10 months old and not walking yet. Stay tuned for his first steps. :)

-Ways to know the baby is occupied: 1) Quiet grunting means: he's reading a book, inspecting a toy very carefully, getting into an interesting position, or otherwise engaging in parent-approved play. 2) Silence means: he's eating something off the floor, playing with a power cord/electrical outlet, or has crawled off to another room unnoticed. Otherwise known as "Who's watching him, again?"

-Conversation: If it weren't babyese it might as well be the language of an undiscovered tribe! He often babbles with such confidence that he MUST be using words, but nothing understandable, to us.

-Happiest when he: 1) sees a favorite person, 2) sees his stroller, 3) spots a favorite electronic gadget from across the room and thinks he might get to use it, 4) is given two or more objects to knock against each other, 5) has thrown something, 6) has reached a new height (literally; this week it was the oven knobs).


  1. Oh, oh, oh! I'm so glad Monnie doesn't seem to be this advanced! Hate to say that....she certainly is "developing" but actually, she can't even sit up by herself yet. Still, she's smart as a whip. She is held so much that she probably doesn't have to sit up! However, I do think she is just not as physically inquisitive as David. I am not complaining! My bios didn't walk until they were 13 and 14 months, so I'm not worrying.

    LOVE that photo!

  2. I've never understood how some babies are sitting up by like 4-5 months. David is just learning to sit up, but it's more like sitting DOWN because it happens in the middle of cruising. Up until recently, he would always topple over if put in a sitting position. I don't think 13-14 months is very late for walking. I don't know how close David is. He doesn't seem very strong yet.

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