Saturday, September 18, 2010


The table (AKA my workspace) in my room was peeling, and I didn't really feel like repainting it...too time-consuming and boring. Then I was looking at an "IKEA hack" site and got the idea of decoupage. I liked the idea of having something personal and unique, and some scrapbook paper did the trick. Who cares if it clashes with the other furniture? :)

To paint or not to paint the legs?


  1. I'd say don't paint the legs, but sand them nicely to get the "old" look :) I love the tabletop!

  2. That is AMAZING!!! I love it!

    It is hard to tell about painting...since I can't really see what they look like; the color seems right in the photo.

  3. If you can see the edge of the table, it's a darker stain. The other "legs" under there belong to a white stool.

  4. Oops...see,I thought that the white stool "legs" belonged to the table!

  5. Yeah, my roommate wants to paint them white...maybe that's confirmation.


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