Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You know it's almost summer in in St. Petersburg when...

Yes, the 8:30 pm sunshine would be a clue. Ahhh, basking in the glory. Well, it's maybe not so glorious from a productivity point of view. So hard to make myself sit down and do something when the sun is shining outside.

What, how did it get to be bedtime already?

Yep, that's one aspect of summer coming.

Another is that the schedules for turning off the hot water have already been posted! I didn't take a photo for fear of freaking out the security guard, but I walked into the building this evening and read that they have already chosen the three weeks during the summer when our building will not have hot water. This is an annual procedure in St. P., done for maintenance purposes.

Good thing we have a hot water heater! Not sure where I will be living in the summer, though...

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