Monday, April 27, 2009

My lumpy friend

This episode could also be titled "Spring cleaning guilt meets pack-rat tendencies."

I am not sure what prompted me, but I decided to put a book my mom gave me to use. Instead of getting rid of some old socks, they became a part of my new project.

I'm sure one day soon it will sink in that sock animals take up more room and are harder to throw away than the little bag of odd or damaged socks in the bottom of the closet. But the message hasn't gotten through to me yet.

Did I mention that I don't know how to sew? Actually, I technically know how, but it's not, shall we say, my "gift." I like the designing and constructing part, but I'm lacking a little on the execution. That's why I thought a sock animal might be a good project for me. After all, you can say that a stuffed animal "has character," instead of a "sloppy stitching job."

The book I was using is Japanese. Origami is Japanese. When I do origami, I sometimes get stuck between two steps. I can't figure out how one picture morphs into the other.

Guess what happened when I was making the dog? There I was, in the middle of shaping his face. And I encountered the dreaded missing step. No matter what way I twisted his face, it would not end up like the picture. So I ended up with a dog "with character."

What, you wanted a close-up?

(One of his eyes fell off after I took this photo)

For photos of what other people have made, check out the book review on Amazon.

I think I will try at least one more. Maybe I just need practice?


  1. Very awesome! I might try my hand at this!

  2. i love it!!! i am absolutely going to do this!

  3. Awwwwww, he's CUTE!! Character is good!!

  4. Try it! And then post photos! :)

  5. That is a very creative way to use old socks. I have a bag of socks with holes from the dogs getting to them.

  6. Making anything out of old socks is gross to me. Why not make something out of... I don't know... boogers?

    "Hey, look, I have made a lovely picture out of my dried nasal mucus!"


  7. Ha ha. Good point. If it's gross, there are also ideas using gloves. Of course you can throw the old socks away if you wish.

  8. Funny! I'm laughing out loud....then I laughed more at V's comment. Of course it NEVER entered my mind to do anything other than make these animals out of BRAND NEW socks, purchased for the purpose! I love your photos; I think that's why I laughed....and that "between two steps" idea....I can understand that!

  9. Ha ha ha. The book recommends stores for getting the best socks/gloves to make the animals. However, it also makes reference to them being used instead of "thrown away."

    I didn't want to suggest that someone go on a special shopping errand to buy socks for this purpose. My old socks aren't really gross, just a little stretched out. But it depends on your personal preference.

    Another option is to use "gently used" socks that are simply missing their partners.


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