Friday, April 3, 2009

How old are you for real?

I forgot a piece of the story. When Emily saw something her brother had written, she noticed that he had put his age as 13, which was older than I expected.

It turns out he is actually 11 (or 12?). In Korea, they count ages differently. Emily said she's 15 in Korea but 13 everywhere else.

It might be easier to remember that they're in 6th and 8th grade, but the problem is that the grades in Russia are different from in the U.S. Kids are generally older when they enter elementary school.

I think someone should invent a calculator to translate ages between different cultures...


  1. I'd forgotten that! Yes; one of my students once tried to explain that you always celebrate your birthday on the lunar year....something - so it isn't really the day you were born? I wish I'd remembered; it was difficult to understand for sure. And you are also counted as being one when you are both - well, I like that recognition that life starts at conception!

  2. Counted as being one when you are born....sorry. It's early!


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