Monday, March 2, 2009

A parallel universe, or a small world

I had a funny conversation on the plane ride over to D.C. this weekend.

I was flying Southwest Airlines, and was going through the confusing process of trying to choose my own seat. About 1/3 of the passengers had already boarded, so there were no more aisles, and I was trying to decide who looked friendly enough to crawl over to get to the window. Some people had placed their bags in the window seat, as if hoping that the flight wouldn't be full and they wouldn't have to sit next to another person.

I saw a middle-aged couple sitting next to an empty window seat, and asked if I could join them. They cheerfully obliged.

When I was seated, I reached for the magazine to keep busy on the hour-long flight, but the woman in the middle started talking to me, asking about my destination. I decided it wouldn't be so bad to chat away the time, so I soon found myself telling her about being a missionary in Russia. She was very curious and asked a lot of questions.

At one point, the woman started describing the family of a woman she worked with. "Her parents went to Russia and then went back and adopted a child. And her brother makes jaunts to Africa regularly and fell in love with a native woman there and they all went out to the village for the wedding."

It sounded so much like my family, with just a few of the details being different. So I described my family to her.

"Now, do you know Emily______?" she suddenly asked.

I stared at her in amazement. "That's my sister!"

So she had been describing my family after all! Of course she had confused certain parts of it, but apparently she and my sister had talked quite often about our family.

It would have been funny if there were another family like ours. I would have wanted to meet them!