Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Close Call

Today I was at the office, and the woman that does registration for foreigners asked me on what date I had entered Russia most recently. I went to get my migration card, the stamped document that you fill out when you go through passport control. It wasn't in my passport where it should have been.

I couldn't think where I could have put it! I always keep it in my passport, or at least in my purse. If I tried to keep it somewhere else, I would forget where I decided to keep it. I couldn't remember taking it out, so all I could think of was that it had fallen out accidentally.

When I got home, I had a free hour for cleaning my room, but instead used it to tear apart my room looking for the migration card. I tried all the little piles of paper with no results. Finally I tried the trashcan, and there it was. God is good!

P.S. After I took this photo, I almost forgot to take the migration card out again and put it in a safe place. :) When will I be organized???

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