Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What really happens in English class!

Today I went back to the orphanage from Monday, having agreed on a time. Accompanying me was another missionary named Elizabeth. The kids were sooooo hyperactive today!

The photo is from the end of the lesson, when the girls decided to continue last year's tradition of stealing all my belongings while I'm getting ready to leave.

I tried to shoot a few videos, and they didn't really understand the concept. They kept freezing in place and making the "peace" sign.

In the first video, the kids are playing (and cheating) with flashcards with names of different foods.

In video #2, I was trying to have each kid introduce him/herself, but they got a little shy and forgot what they were supposed to say. The boy running around is Misha, who starred in my blog last year.


  1. Liz you love your job don't you?!!
    I don't have a way with the kids. So I'm in awe of your mission.

  2. Your students are so lively haha! I love it! I'm graduating with a degree in Art Education next semester, I can't wait to do the teacher thing. It's exhausting but rewarding. Loving what you're doing over in Russia! Blessings, Kendra

  3. Good luck to you as well! I minored in art, but don't use it much other than making teaching props! :)

  4. i love your blog!=) When i read, i feel like i am looking at my future life in Russian, coz i also have a teaching plan as i got married now, but i will teach Chinese, and i don't have any teach experience, I must say, i am really worried when think about i will start from zero! ;) your post might help me and give me courage ;) thanks!

  5. It is funny to read this blog post again! Who knows, maybe you will be good at teaching naturally! Russian and Chinese are both hard languages, so you and your students will have this in common. ;)

    1. haha, i hope i can make it, i only do business when i was in China, teaching is really a big challenge, but always good to try new things anyway,and first of all, i need to be good student of Russian language now, hehe


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