Monday, September 17, 2007

Kindergarten Bus

When I was in kindergarten, I rode a special bus to school. We were little and were usually escorted to and from the bus. On the bus, we were monitored carefully. I don't remember any conflicts except for one girl hitting me with the seatbelt once and getting removed from the bus.

Today I was riding the bus to work. I was with adults, but from the conversations, you would have thought we were back in kindergarten.

A woman got on and handed the conductor 100 rubles. One ticket costs 14 rubles. The conductor began to tear off multiple tickets.

Woman passenger: "What are you doing? I just want one ticket!"
Conductor: "You should have told me!"
Passenger: "You were supposed to ask!"
Conductor: "It's your responsibility to say how many tickets you want."
Passenger: "This is your job! You have to ask!"
Conductor: "No I don't."
Passenger: "Yes, you have to."
Conductor: "No I don't."
Passenger: "Yes you do."

The other passengers start laughing.

Conductor: "Just say how many tickets when you give the money!"
Passenger: " Just ask how many when you take the money!"
Conductor: "I don't have to! It's not my problem."
Passenger: "That's your opinion. I have a different one."
Conductor: "Too bad!"

The other passengers start laughing again.

Same Passenger:
Conductor: "Something funny?"
Passenger: "Yes, real funny. Ha!"
Conductor: "Ha!"

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