Thursday, June 7, 2007

Strange sights

Who needs television when you have the everyday entertainment that comes from living in a foreign country?

Some things I observed today:

-An S.U.V. drives up on the sidewalk and parks without even using a blinker or any other kind of signal.

-An old woman, walking with two canes, takes one of them and, sticking one end into a trashcan, uses it to compact the contents.

-Fashion watch: Old ladies wear huge bows in their hair, and everyone wears socks with sandals.

-I’m walking home and some construction workers are coming through the archway trying to transport some pipes on a backhoe. They’re blocking the way for passengers and motorists. I’m annoyed, but coming through the archway behind them is a little boy grinning away, just delighted to witness this macho work in action!


  1. When I was younger my mother compacted contents of our trashbin at home with a broomstick or with a foot (in a shoe of course)
    And what's wrong about wearing socks with sandals? It's not that warm here to wear no socks!!!! :)

  2. But why do you compact the trash? And why do Russians shine their shoes, but not obey traffic lights?

    I wear socks with sandals now too. It's quite comfortable. :)

  3. We compact it so that we have to take it out less often, don't you see? :)
    The question about traffic lights is philosophical. I obey traffic lights, so it's harder for me to explain.
    Russians can't obey a rule for the sake of just obeying. If it is evident how to avoid obeying, and there is no evident harm in not obeying (like crossing the road when cars are not there), a russian would disobey a rule just because of psychology, not because he really needs it. В нашем менталитете нет законопослушности. I don't really know why is it so, and dislike russian average mentality because of that.
    Obeying to the laws just for the sake of the laws inmplies having decent culture - not what most of the russians can boast nowadays. Most russians who used to have culture are no longer in Russia for approximately 10 years.
    That was a long comment on the bounday of my limits! I even had to use a dictionary once :))))))

  4. Thanks, Natasha! You did a very good job explaining. I think I understand a little bit more. :)I will look forward to your comments on the next cultural topic!

  5. I don't understand what is the connection between shining shoes and obeying traffic lights.


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