Monday, June 11, 2007


The secret to getting Seva to practice his English? Make board games together!

(It's a very serious activity)

Today Seva cried because I was pronouncing the name "Tom" like the Russian word meaning "over there," so he thought I was saying "His name is over there." He got mad at me for not changing it to sound more like a Russian name.

We moved on to games. Seva cried because I was making the board game spaces too large. Then he made lots of "go straight to Finish" and "lose a turn" spaces while I filled in assignments such as "name two sports" and "sing a song in English."

He beat me five times (out of six), got his stickers, and was happy. Then I wouldn't let him exchange his "boring" stickers for the new, shiny ones. He sat in his room growling as I left. I guess I'm a pretty mean teacher.

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