Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I went to see my favorites again! I was a little late so I crossed paths with some kids I hadn't seen for awhile. Then I had fun times with the youngers.

For some reason Misha and Lolita are obsessed with wearing my clothing. Here's a picture of their antics (sorry for poor quality). That's Lolita wearing my coat and Misha wearing my hat and purse. Today they actually planned it out and off down the hallway wearing my clothes. I lured them back with the stickers they had already earned for doing their lesson.

Another day we had a visit from Superman.
We do get some work done in the midst of all that.

Evidently we need to work on handwriting.


Sometimes they look so sweet and innocent. This is Galya. She's eight!

I had a lesson with the older boys too. They're fun. Today we learned the construction "I'm going to....(do something.)" Their answers were "I'm going to...sleep, eat, and do my homework." I confused them all with irregular verbs. Poor kids.
Tomorrow I get to see my other favorites! :)

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