Monday, March 12, 2007

Danger, Part 2

I’ll add a little bit to the thoughts from my first “danger” post. But it still doesn’t feel like a complete study.

“It’s always dangerous.” This isn’t just referring to Missions. It’s talking about the Christian life.

Some quotes, again from John Piper (this time in his book, “Let the Nations be glad! The Supremacy of God in Missions”)…

“The domestication of cross-bearing into coughs and cranky spouses takes the radical thrust out of Christ’s call.” (74, Piper)

“We must not domesticate the New Testament teaching on affliction and persecution just because our lives are so smooth. It may be that we have not chosen to live in all the radical ways of love that God wants us to. It may be that our time of suffering is just around the corner. But it will not do to take our own comfortable lives and make them the measure of what we allow the Bible to mean.” (76, Piper)

Here’s how I understand Piper’s statement: I don’t take it to mean that we should stop seeking God in the little details of life. He can glorify himself in any situation. I don’t take it to mean that we must be tortured before we can be worthy Christians. But the message I’m getting is that we should not be so quick to think ourselves heroes or martyrs. Most of us still have a long way to go. I know I do. And I sometimes wonder if I have chosen a way that is too safe.

I noticed that I seem to evangelize less than I used to. I know that I offended some people in the past. Have I grown more mature, better at waiting for the right time? Or have I just lost the courage? I might preach the Gospel less than other missionaries in Russia. Does it mean I’m more culturally sensitive? Or that I’m afraid of persecution? I want to help people be comfortable, but the Gospel is not about comfort. Should I go by the rules or take a risk?


  1. Hey! Just came across your blog by clicking "Next Blog" and wanted to send greetings from a Christian 20-something American living next door in Finland!

  2. Take the risk! Greg


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