Friday, February 16, 2007

Vince the Sock-Puppet goes to school

I can't believe I'm actually posting this. Here goes...

A little background: in the summer of 2006, the College Church team introduced sock puppets as a camp activity while visiting Camp Karavella near St.Petersburg. That summer, “Vince” came into existence.

When I started teaching English lessons in the fall, I needed a prop. And so, Vince came along to help children learn English. This is especially helpful when you are working with only one child and need to present various conversational models.

Vince liked working with Katya, Maxim, and Ruth, and even stayed there over Christmas break. Now there are a lot of Vince jokes and theories circulating. “What IS Vince? Is he a sock? I think he looks like an eel.” “Vince ate too much chocolate again. He needs to go on a diet.” “If Liz is Vince’s mother, who is his father?” “Is Vince a boy or a girl?” “Why is one of Vince’s eyes bigger than the other?” “Why doesn’t he have any hair?” “Vince missed Christmas! I will make Christmas for him.”

We love Vince.

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  1. Привет! Смешной Vincе! познакомишь с ним?! ;):) Я уже твой постоянный читатель… продолжай писать..
    Оч здорово получается...


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