Sunday, February 18, 2007


Sometimes Russian logic about health is beyond me.

Tanya: “I don’t know why I’m sick. I haven’t been cold.”
Liz: “Don’t you work in a preschool?”
Tanya: “I always work in a preschool, but I don’t always get sick.”
Liz: “But if the kids were sick, couldn’t you catch it from them?”
Tanya: “I know what it was! I was sitting on the cold floor doing a puzzle last week.”

Maxim: “Why do people in California get sick? It’s warm there!”
Liz: “Maxim, did you know that Americans don’t believe that you get sick from cold weather?”
Maxim: “Why not?”
Liz: “Because you don’t!”

Katya: “But what if a person is in the middle of the forest in cold temperatures? Won’t he start sneezing and coughing?”
Liz: “No, he’ll get hypothermia.”
Katya: “What’s hypothermia?”
Liz: “It’s what you get when you’re in the middle of the forest in cold temperatures.”

So why do I have a cold right now?


  1. Talking to you can be dangerous! : )

  2. Yes, very dangerous. Be afraid! :)

  3. That explains how warm the rooms are in Russia. Have to say, I like it, though!


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