Thursday, June 1, 2017

May survey/selfie

Just realized this didn't post! Back-dating...
Hair strategically flipped to the non-baby side...

What I've been...

Reading: "Light of my Heart" (Silver Hills trilogy by Ginny Aiken), continuing "Center Church" by Timothy Keller

Watching:  Started the new "Anne of Green Gables" on Netflix. Decided not to continue. Anyone want to discuss?

Cooking/Eating: Sour cream pound cake, chicken wings, zucchini bread, buckwheat, cinnamon rolls (not necessarily in that order).

Listening to: Andrei on the radio. :)

Striving towards: Taking care of trip planning and all the other adult responsibilities.

Looking forward to: Seeing family this summer.

What David is up to: Learning some letters, sculpting with Play-Dough, and handling snakes at a petting zoo!

What Sophia is up to: Getting into everything...including the food on our plates as opposed to her own. ;)

Your turn!


  1. This comment isn't relevant to this post, but I just wanted to let you know that a number of years ago you kindly provided me some information for a novel I was working on, and now the novel is finished. I've published part of it on under my name, and may self publish a hard copy. Didn't have any luck in finding an agent for professional publication.
    I've enjoyed following the progress of your life over there, with your young family, and wanted to thank you again for your help and your blog.

  2. Here it is! I missed it! :)

    I didn't look at Anne of Green Gables yet. When I really love books, I'm very leery of looking at movie versions.

    1. It was hiding...just posted the other day because it was accidentally stuck in Drafts.


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