Friday, May 29, 2015

Apartment: D's room

Bummer: Lost about half the photos I had been storing up for this post. :/ It would have been cool to see the transformation, but I've got a few from when we first bought our apartment, so we'll start with that.

The former owners were semi-empty-nesters, and had tailored this multi-room family apartment to meet their needs, including a huge bedroom with matching furniture, etc. They sent the cable from their TV through the wall into the room behind it, which they were using as some sort of cloakroom/walk-in closet? Definitely not standard for Russian city life! But we'll see what happens if we ever become empty-nesters. ;)

Vladimir checking the space out

The shelves were ugly but came in pretty handy, and we were using that room as an office (the missing photos). We moved some of the shelves down to table level and I did a few craft projects there.

However, we ultimately decided this would be the best room for David (see below). We moved his furniture in there a while ago, but he just started sleeping there at night last month, when we had completed the next phase of the Room Switch.

Click through for the "after" view and some more photos...

Toddler room!

Mr. Welcome Mouse

Crib re-do a la Andrei (with original art by David)

Funky Egyptian-themed wallpaper (previous owners)
with the bulletin board I haven't gotten around to taking down.

Dresser/bookcase from IKEA (where else?),
positioned so you can't see the mess from the hallway

And our room is right across the hall!

David's room is pretty much the only room we've actually bought furniture for, in addition to what had already been there. In general we've just been moving stuff around. But I have lots of little projects and things that I hope to eventually hang on the walls!


  1. There are always things we want to improve on but it's a really cute room! Love your wood floors...and the original bed art by David :)

    1. Definitely has potential! The floors are parquet, better than linoleum anyway!

  2. I love the floors, too....and the wallpaper looks very Russian.


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