Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Almost three!

I haven't done a David update in a while. I think there are lots of things kids try once early on, but I usually count it as a fluke until done regularly. So here are some skills David has actually mastered lately.

Getting good at...

-making arguments. He now connects ideas with "because" and "so." For example, "Don't touch my chair because it's mine." "Turn on the light so I can see." A lot of times he links seemingly unrelated phrases, which sounds funny, but it's impressive to see him trying so hard to explain things logically (or making excuses to get out of doing something).

-cooking. This is actually related to something bigger which is his attention span getting longer. He can stand on a chair while we do a whole baking project together, even if I ask him to wait while I wash a few dishes and clear the counter. He can wait until I give him an assignment. Sure, he might have shown an interest before, but he never had the patience to really participate.

-doing hand motions. (see book cover) Again, maybe he tried to do it before, but I noticed it really clicking for him recently. He probably knows more songs than I'm aware of, but he is seeming more teachable in this regard. I got out a book of kids' chants with motions and have been looking for ones to do with him. It says from 2-5 years but I had tried before with limited success, so 2.5 or 3 years old seems more realistic.

-building complex structures. Moving on from Oh wow, you put 3 blocks on top of each other! It's hard to sincerely praise certain actions, but recently he made a little "castle" or something that was different from anything he had made before, and I realized he must have some new motor skills.

Cute little pyramid.

Still working on:

-sleeping with a blanket. I know it's not life-or-death, but sometimes I wish David would sleep with some covers instead of needing to be dressed differently depending on temperature, especially since it's hard to convince him that he HAS to put a sweater on because he'll be lying still while asleep and will get cold (our heat is off). Also, if he is sleeping in our bed between us, he screams if the covers touch him/his foot, makes it a little complicated to keep everyone warm!

-potty training. Meh. We did a bedroom switch recently so I'm giving him some time before we take it up again.


-boo-boos and going on the Cross. And every variation you can think of that goes along with that.


  1. I identify with the blanket woes! I made Joshua a nice full size quilt for his bed but he insists on sleeping on top of it with just his little fuzzy blanket he's had since he was a baby. Our house fluctuates with the weather quite a bit so we're always having to think about whether he needs a sweater or long sleeve over top his morning this week I went in and he was lying there shivering in just a diaper, having removed everything else. Crazy kid! And I'm with you on the potty training....I would have loved to have Joshua trained by now but it hasn't happened and I'm in no huge rush...although before the new baby arrives in August would be great! Can we just skip the potty training stage, please? ;)

    1. I bet the quilt is pretty! I fantasize about having David's room all neat with a nice quilt or bedspread on the bed, but I have to remind myself that it's HIS room and he will have his own style. ;) Normally he is quite lazy about dressing/undressing (just flops around while I try to stick his limbs into his clothes), but at bedtime tonight he got his sweater off and suddenly needed "help." I'd love for him to be potty trained by August too, since we will be traveling and need to get any bed-wetting over with!

    2. Oh my goodness I laughed at your description of his flopping around while you try and stick his limbs into the clothes! Exactly, haha! I made the quilt out of men's dress shirts I've been collecting on half price days at goodwill...all different shades of blue and grey and white, some plaids and other patterns. It actually turned out pretty nice! I've been thinking lately of doing a post with some pictures around our home...lots of things I'd like to change with time and money but contentment and enjoyment of the little things I love about our home are a lesson I'm learning. So maybe I'll take a picture of the quilt!

    3. Do it! :) I have a lot of projects I want to do, too. I don't even own a sewing machine though, so it's mostly just framing stuff. I have a bunch of clothes that are too small, and I so wish I could make them into something...but I guess they'll bless someone else.

    4. I don't own a sewing machine either but luckily my parents are just a quick drive away and I can use my mom's machine!

  2. Linking phrases together... my daughter once said that we eat cookies because we are girls, and daddy eats carrots because he is a boy LOL. Isn't it amazing to see how our kids grow.

    1. Very entertaining! :) My son thinks that any parent-child pair in stories are a Daddy and Son. Including a pair of pink doggies we got recently.

  3. This is an amazingly cute article.

  4. I am just AMAZED! I thought that thing Monnie does - insisting that she can't have blankets touching her feet - was just totally her (and WHAT could it MEAN???) Now I see she is not alone, but it is not something I have heard of before As an infant, she'd like being swaddled, but kick until her feet came out - the rest of it seemed to please her, though. So - I too worry about her getting cold, I'll feel her little arm or leg sometimes and she'll be cold to the touch, but if I put the blanket over her, quite often it will wake her up (annoyed).

    Monnie just in the last couple of weeks caught onto "Patty Cake". She learned to "roll 'em and roll 'em" and that seemed to interest her in the entire rhyme. "Rhymes and Songs" in general (as I call all nursery rhymes and simple songs) are quite interesting to her, and she picks up the rhythms amazingly. Not the words, though....

    Aren't they fun?

    1. Yep, ditto on all those! I can totally understand being a sensitive sleeper, but it's a little bit annoying when a little body has invaded your bed AND makes demands about the covers.

      David "sings" along sometimes, but isn't able to carry a tune at this point.


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