Saturday, November 15, 2014

Playing Around

"Come in!"


  1. ahhh David is so cute! If Russia were a few minutes away I'd say come on over for a play date with Joshua! ;)

  2. I know, right? Isn't it a fun age? David has the "potty" book with a boy named Joshua, ha ha! :)

    1. Is it a little square red book? If so, I think we have the same one! My mom actually had it when one of my brothers (who's now 16) was being potty trained, lol

    2. p.s we've had a potty for 6 months just sitting in the bathroom because Joshua doesn't want to use it and yells when we try to make him sit on it with his diaper off...I'm clueless about what to do...tell me if you have any magic tips!

    3. Yes, that's the one. David sits on the potty before bathtime and gets an M+M if he does anything. A few times he has wanted to put underpants on (but mostly he throws them around the house) and a few times he has initiated using the potty. I'm not very consistent about it so we don't have a routine down. Maybe we'll add another time of day to try it, like upon waking.

  3. He's so cute. What a happy little round face :)


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