Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One year later: another attempt

Funny story: I had all these unfinished Advent projects last year that I photographed and was going to write about, just to say...here's what I tried to do and didn't finish. I had even titled the post "The Advent That Wasn't." But it never even made it into my drafts folder, apparently. Or else it's there and I'm blind...anyway, here's a little Advent inspiration (or examples of what not to do)!

The postcard garlands that wouldn't stay up...

The Jesse Tree that didn't turn out to be very fertile...

A tipsy angel.../closest thing to a "Christmas Tree"

Felt figures I never finished cutting out...

The unfinished Jesse Tree symbols...

The scene of the "crime"

The lack of candle holders...

The toddler who didn't go to the Christmas Eve service. :)


  1. Elizabeth this made me laugh outloud, I so relate. Every year I have big decor dreams! Then it's like reality with a toddler & a preschooler hits...yeah! This year we are not even bothering to do a Christmas tree, I know one of the kids would try to climb it and we'd end up with a sea of broken glass ornaments. I tacked some dollar store garland around the edge of the living room and that's about it. We haven't been to the Christmas Eve service in 4 years because...small children haha. And the church we're currently attending is an hour away but I digress. Good thing Christmas is ultimately about Jesus and not our budding careers as Advent interior designers ;) I do hope you are able to have an hour of some blessed mommy alone time to make a little something just for the mommy sanity time & I know you enjoy creating.

    I miss being able to follow you on Facebook! I finally was able to add your blog to the blog feed app I downloaded to my tablet. I'm like an 80 year old trying to figure this technology out HA! Glad to read you, your husband and your sweet little monkey are all doing well.

    Kendra B.

  2. Yeah, I couldn't find you without FB either!

    Sometimes it is a relief to live abroad and just make up holiday traditions from scratch. I like some of the ones from my family, but David is too young to protest that we're not doing a Christmas tree or whatever. I like the beauty of Christmas trees but it seems like a hassle. Christmas (and Christmas Eve) is a workday here, so somehow dragging everybody out on a weeknight doesn't have that same magical appeal. We aren't even going to have a Christmas Eve service this year.

    I bet you've got some creative projects up your sleeve, though!

  3. For some reason I never saw this post. I LOVE that Jesse Tree! Gorgeous design!

    1. Andrei actually made the tree! :) I do wish you would post more of your holiday crafts, as I know you make some nice ones.


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