Friday, August 22, 2014

Diastasis Recti: Summer Edition

The journey of healing continues...

The OB/Gyn I saw this summer wasn't very helpful in that she saw Diastasis recti as a "cosmetic problem" that could be treated only with surgery. Unfortunately, I think that's a fairly typical response.

Here are some other approaches I've been using this summer to work on this aspect of my health:


Haven't done so well on this count; fairly consistent daily walks but not as vigorous as I'd like. Part of this is due to hot weather and not being able to go very fast. I also feel like with the stroller I obsess over whether I'm in the right "alignment" or not for core healing. So the exercise has probably been more about getting fresh air and Vitamin D than weight loss or toning.

"Tummy Team" rehab program

I started this 8-wk program shortly after we arrived in the U.S., and the very week I started was a challenging one with various setbacks ranging from David nursing a lot again to waking several times at night, etc. So in turn I needed to be taking naps as opposed to doing workouts, etc. That was quite frustrating, but eventually I was able to follow the schedule somewhat and work my way through the rehab points.

I haven't felt much of a result from the program, and that's a little disappointing. I'm taking it all in and incorporating some of the concepts, but it hasn't been a life-changer. So I hope to revisit it in the future, maybe even in the fall when I can get into a routine and work the movements into daily life in our apartment (ha ha, routines aren't our strong point, but we can always try).

Seeing a specialist

This was probably the breakthrough this summer out of all the approaches. My mom asked a local Pilates instructor if she had DR experience, and she said yes...and was telling the truth! I really enjoyed meeting her and having 2 sessions of working on my core with professional guidance.

I will say that all the work I've been doing for the past year+ has provided a good foundation. She was impressed by how I could do the breathing correctly and engage my core while doing some movements.

Some of the helpful information I received included learning how to adjust my alignment and also discovering that my split is actually pretty high up. Those are pieces of the puzzle that are hard to figure out long-distance. So now I have some more tools to work with as I go back to Russia.

I've been spending some time just going back to the basics and doing some breathing exercises with my hands on my stomach to feel how everything is working. And doing it over and over again until I feel the muscles going IN, not protruding out.

Each healing approach regarding DR has its own words to promote visualization, and I'm gradually adding all of these descriptions to my toolbox so that I can integrate healthy movements into my daily life.


  1. I'm wondering if you just "lucked" onto the knowledgeable yoga instructor or if there is a method to it. Coming from a completely different direction, I'm thinking of trying to do some yoga to explore mental health... I'm absolutely amazed by the new research on the brain that ties breathing and meditation (Christian practices, too, happily.) to increased integration and mental health. But, I have heard there are "posers" out there.

  2. I wrote a response to this that accidentally got deleted. I am not into the whole sort of hypnosis and one with your body side of it...but there is something to be said for an encouraging word at the right time. Sort of like a dieting accountability partner...if someone is there to tell you to stick to your plan and that you will definitely see results, I can see how that would make a big difference. Honestly though, there is a "niche" for Diastasis recti healing, and not all healthcare providers are tuned in! As for breathing, when I close my eyes and really concentrate, I can focus more on what I'm doing. I guess that sounds kind of no-brainer!


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