Sunday, August 24, 2014


Seems appropriate...
We're leaving in just a few days to go back to Russia! Suitcases are already bursting at the seams with plentiful contents.

Last week we had some fun sibling interaction time, and David got to see almost all of his cousins! We got a few photos, but not too many as it's an active bunch! With kids you often need both arms to give a hug or stop a fight, so the camera takes the backseat.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what changes have occurred while we've been away.

One thing I've gotten wind of are changes to immigration policy. It sounds like I might need official employment in order to keep my resident status. I can't even imagine what I would do about that. David is still young and I don't like the idea of needing employment just to stay in the country, especially when I have a family! Looks like we will need to visit an immigration lawyer when we get back.

I was looking forward to going back until this came up. I guess there are always ups and downs, and there also seems to be a paper trail no matter what country you live in!


  1. I've been confronted by mom re the official employment, since I haven't had it for 8 months due to some financial stuff at the school. So....she is presenting me with different option, and one of them is that I might need to do an  "individualny predprinematel" If I do so, I might be able to hire you. Let's talk, because it might be something that benefit both of us. None of it is certain, but just an idea that has been on my mind for some time.

    1. Definitely something to think about! And I want to check with the FMS too since the laws are changing all the time!

  2. mind immediately starts roaming around trying to find you an "official" home-based job in Russia. Sheesh! Do I have a problem-solving issue or what? But, that said - I do recall thinking of applying once to a phone-English teaching job in Russia. That's something you could do from home, of course. Another idea that might actually be helpful. I've been thinking we might even consider it - doing childcare for another similarly aged child. My DIL's second son is quite a handful, and when she started doing childcare for a little girl about the same age, ironically her effort-level dropped significtantly because she wasn't "on" to entertain quite as much of the time. But, Russia being Russia - they might not consider something like that "official". Good luck. I still can't believe that they would be so difficult about welcoming a Russian-speaking foreigner, married to a Russian of child-bearing age.

    1. That's actually an interesting idea! I could probably "sell" myself as a native English-speaking nanny. Child-care is such a big responsibility though, I feel.


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