Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stick to safe topics, like the weather...

You know that feeling when you think you’re going to be early and you end up being late? Or when you’re hoping the teacher will let you out early and then he/she finds something to keep you occupied right up until the bell?

Early evening (sun sets at 8 pm)
Well, that’s what it was like with Winter this year. We waited and waited and there was no Winter. March 1st came and went and Spring was officially underway in Russia. Birds chirped and there were buds on the trees and green shoots coming up from the ground. I started to think maybe we were just going to skip right to Spring, and I let down my guard a little.

A few days ago…BAM! I woke up, went and looked out the kitchen window, and everything was white outside. Uggggh. It’s here. Right on schedule, in a way. It wouldn'
t feel like Spring without some final encore appearances by Winter.

I definitely don’t envy those of you who had really harsh conditions this Winter, with lots of snow days. Winter weather has its own repercussions. I've had very little trouble with my joints this winter and I think it’s partly thanks to not having to tiptoe gingerly over sheets of ice on a regular basis.

But as I mentioned at least once, we had a lot of gray days, and those are hard, too. I had to wait until March 15th to get my perfect winter weather: bright blue skies and temperatures just above freezing, with a little blanket of snow. Of course, January’s skies wouldn't have given us as much light.

I was trying to remember when we did have a little COLD spell this year. It was in mid-January, as David was entering the hospital. So I sort of missed it. But that reminds me, I need to write a little bit more about that…

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