Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not this post, not that one...THIS!

I went into my drafts folder just now, and I see why I haven't published those posts yet...lots of editing needed! D'oh.

So maybe it's time to get back into writing about what's on my mind.

Here you are...this week's hot topics!

1) Ukraine :/

We were in Helsinki during the "day of violence" in Kiev. We saw it on TV in the hotel. We were just so sad. Andrei especially has lots of friends on different "sides" via the Internet. I see a lot of comments show up in my newsfeed, but I try not to get too involved. There are some anti-American sentiments that make me mad. Posts about Russia can be pretty off-base, too. People are always posting articles that supposedly tell the "real story" or expose another story as false. Too many posing as experts and too few authentic voices being heard.

My mind feels split into two different conflicts: Ukraine vs. Ukraine and Russia vs. America. The Ukraine thing is the real tragedy and demands a real solution. The Russia vs. America rivalry is stupid, though it sometimes has serious consequences, such as the adoption bans. But I wish it didn't have to come up here...this isn't the place for it. Sometimes I walk down the street thinking "all these people would be on the other side if we went to war." But I don't really expect it to happen that way. I don't really associate normal Russian citizens with Putin's regime.

2) Women's Day

This year my church decided to hold this all-out extravaganza to combine Feb.23rd (Men's Day/Defenders of the Fatherland) and March 8th (International Women's Day). At first I thought it was going to entail a few songs with refreshments but it has been a PROCESS with lots and lots of online/in-person discussions and rehearsals and then last week it was announced that there is a whole theme with suggested costume (?) style. Not to mention we are supposed to bring actual food, not just cookies. I have mixed feelings about it. Parties can be fun sometimes, but it's not what I initially planned on and it feels like a big burden having to figure out what to wear and cook along with preparing a musical performance (plus chasing a toddler around, and/or walking around with him wrapped around my neck). I tried to protect myself by just agreeing to the one song, but I can't ignore the buzz around me. It feels like more work has gone into this than Christmas or Easter (with the possible exception of baby showers), not to mention it's actually Lent right now. I appreciate people putting work into it, but I will breathe a sigh of relief once this event is over. I will also admit that I was secretly pleased that the song I was preparing for a concert last month got "cut" from the program. I guess I have church event "burn-out," or something.

3) Lent (at the bottom???)

I haven't had a chance to give much thought to Easter yet, but I've downloaded a few devotional guides for my Kindle. I found this one site that suggested reading through the NT in 40 days and there was this whole explanation talking about how it would "transform" your life and bring you really close to God, etc. etc. etc. It sounded kind of funny like reading the NT was this magic pill or something, but opening the pages of the Bible with an expectant heart will surely bear fruit.

Any Lenten ideas to share?


  1. Hi Liz - I am writing a daily blog during Lent based on Psalm 51 - I haven't posted it on my blog because it doesn't really fit there, but if you'd like to read it, here is a link where you can find the first 22 posts (today was the 22nd day I wrote) and each day I will add a new one at that same link. I have used Psalm 51 as my Lenten devotion/study before (last time was 2009) and find it really helps me focus. Sorry I didn't get this to you earlier in the month, but - oh well - here you go!

  2. Hi Sue, I have tried a few devotional guides and they just don't strike a chord with me, but reading something from someone I know might! I'll check it out. At least you've pointed me to a good scripture passage. :)


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