Saturday, November 30, 2013

Photographing Life

A July Birthday
I think of myself as a klutz when it comes to photography. My hideous food blog will attest to that. I just want to snap a photo...I don't want to adjust the lighting! And I have no idea how to get non-blurry photos of a toddler, or of people talking and laughing.

Nevertheless, I am a bit of a historian by nature, which means I'm sometimes just a pack-rat, but at other times I'm able to preserve some pretty special memories.

Earlier this year, I came across a blog (maybe another of my blogging friends quoted it?) where the author talked about the importance of being photographed with your kids. They're too little to remember a lot of those moments, but as they grow up they'll be able to look at the photos and know that you were right there with them.

I think of lot of times the adults don't end up in photos simply because we are the ones behind the camera. It's not like we are particularly avoiding it. And then there are the bad-hair days and all the time when the babies are cute and we are not. I think I could count on one hand the number of photos of myself from the past year that I think are flattering. And then there are a bunch where I look okay but I'm wearing pajamas. So, yeah, not too many that would go in an album.

As David's second year progresses, I can sense the photo folders not filling as rapidly. And that's okay, but I'd rather it didn't come to a standstill! There are still plenty of subjects and events to capture.

For the sake of ourselves and our friends and family, and for David when he's older, let the photography continue! Let the imperfect shots not always be weeded out.

And may some of them eventually be made into an album, someday. When I have time...


  1. Oh, me too! I read that blog post, and ever since I've been aware of at least *trying* to be in more pictures with my kids. They wont care about the no-make up, greasy hair days of mom when they're looking back at pictures. In fact, they'll probably think we're beautiful!

  2. I probably found it through your blog! Yeah, we are our own worst beauty critic....


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