Thursday, November 14, 2013

(Non) Wordless Wednesday

Here we are. It's mid-November. (Yikes, I need to wish my brother a happy birthday!)

It is grey gray here. It has been rainy/partly cloudy for something like 3 weeks in a ROW. It's definitely one of the worst Novembers, weather-wise. Every morning I crawl out of bed embarrassingly late (David comes in and dozes with me)...let's say, after 9. I dart over and throw the curtains aside, waiting for the daylight to give me a little boost of energy.

The daylight is not there.

For awhile there I was really going crazy because I couldn't even leave the house. Of course I could have bundled us up and taken David out quickly with the rain cover on the stroller and an umbrella for me just in case. It wasn't always torrential rain. But you never know. So we stayed home day after day.

I looked up my entries from a similar time of year and I found this December one. But the picture there shows a SUNNY day, which we haven't had lately. Nevertheless, that post is a good introduction to the Advent season (another darkness post I like is this one).

I'm not doing the "Thanksgiving" thing (every day in November). I like reading other people's posts and seeing how they are trying to think in that vein each day. But I can't get into it, and it's hard to put the reason into words. Maybe the challenge for me is to figure out not WHAT I'm thankful for but IF I'm thankful. My LIFE was bought at a price, and everything is from Him. I want to BREATHE thankfulness.

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