Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday Season

All the people in this photo have birthdays this summer! Of course, we all know who's getting the most presents, and he won't even be aware of it. :)

My birthday was on Tuesday, and Andrei and I went to the movies after having dinner with his parents (and David). That was the first time we'd been to a movie for over a year!

Andrei's turn next.

P.S. Fun fact: I accidentally flipped this photo from left to right while I was trying to rotate it, so it's a mirror image! I wonder if we look different?


  1. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! And to Andrei and then David in a couple weeks! Nice that you could get out for a movie - I think the last time we went to see a movie was just over a year ago!

    It must seem so strange to have a one year old already. At least for me, the time seems to have gone by so fast and yet on the other hand it feels like we've had Joshua for much longer then 7 months.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to having a one year old! It's been a challenging year.

      We have been out on a few dates just recently. I never made a huge effort to try to get out without David. I was too lazy to pump milk regularly and wasn't actually that eager to leave him behind.

  2. I can't believe David will be one so soon! Yipes.

    Have a happy time celebrating all these special people (and days)!

  3. С Днем Рождения! May God bless you all with another year of happiness and success! :)


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