Friday, February 10, 2012

Why the hate?

I've been reading a little bit about gay marriage in the news. Hmmm, hard to decide what to write as my next sentence.

It goes back to a book review I once wrote discussing a few issues with modern church movements. One fallacy I noted was the "Praise for Uncertainty" issue, including denying the ability to know God and refusing to take a stand on important issues.

Yet what do we do when various "Christian" churches DO take a stand...but on different sides?

I noticed today that CNN had posted articles from two different Christian pastors who were either "for" or "against" gay marriage.

Lots of ignorant, ranting remarks in the comment section. But one actually struck me as insightful:

(paraphrased): I don't get how both articles are written by pastors of Christian churches, yet represent opposing viewpoints?

This person didn't try to attack and defend the Bible or biblical interpretation. It was just an honest observation.

Why, Christians? Why do we have opposite points of view? Is there a chance for the Truth to speak through us, or are the "issues" and "doctrines" all that people see?


  1. I think this is why I'm Catholic. I do believe that the Holy Spirit guides the Church in its doctrines and decisions.....but, of course - even among Catholics there are different interpretations... It is hard. You sometimes wish Jesus had been a bit more specific!

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  3. It is rather quite simple. There are those that choose to believe what God has to say in His holy scriptures, and there are those who choose to believe in only parts of His holy scriptures and then mold God into their interpretation of those parts of the Bible they accept.

  4. It's true, of course, most problems can be linked to the sinful nature and the Fall from Grace. But it's frustrating when it happens between people who supposedly believe in the same God.


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