Saturday, May 14, 2011

Part 2 of The Bird plus The Passport

(Read the previous post first.)

On Wednesday night I was finishing up blogging and e-mailing when my roommate knocked on my door at about 1am..."he's still here."

Apparently we hadn't checked very thoroughly for Mr.Pigeon, and he had been there all along, all through Bible study, without so much as a peep. Now that the lights were out and all was silent, he had started flapping around again behind the wall of shelves in Yulia's room, and she didn't particularly want to sleep in the same room. So she got in the spare bed in my room and we left Mr. Pigeon alone for the night.

On Thursday morning, he was still there, sometimes sitting still and sometimes pacing a little bit back and forth. No signs of trying to get out.

Andrei came to our rescue on his lunch break. He moved the heavy shelves out of the way enough to get access to Mr. Pigeon. But he ended up having to grab Mr. Pigeon with a cloth and manually carry him out onto the balcony, because that bird wasn't budging. Our feathered visitor finally flapped his wings and set a neighbor's window sill. For some reason he didn't seem eager to enter the world. But eventually he did fly away. Mission complete!

I finally got word on Friday that my passport was ready, so I'll have to go in next week to get it and then do the next few steps. I "wasted" some time this week waiting for it, but I did get some other things done, like beginning to box up some belongings for my impending move.


  1. Exciting times! Getting ready to start a great new phase of your life!

  2. Awww! But the bird was so cute! =) And stupid maybe? I'd be annoyed too, in spite of the cuteness. OUTSIDE is where the food and water is! And if I started trying to shoo something outside, a smart animal would take a hint and leave! Did it poop everywhere in your apartment?

  3. I was sort of wishing it was a more skittish animal that would actually make an effort to leave. On the other hand, the slow (stupid?) pigeon caused very little damage. It did leave a little blood from a wound...eww.


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