Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun changes


The Love Nest! :)

This is where we're going to live after the wedding...actually, I'm moving in first, sometime next week. These are the "before" photos-we haven't made any changes or cleaned anything up since getting the keys.

The wallpaper is new. Through that little door is a closed-in porch that we can use for storage. The furniture is "older," but has character. ;)

The living space

more photos/-

The rest of the room, around the corner

The kitchen-needs some rearranging :)


  1. Where в Петере are your new digs?

  2. In the Northwest, near Pioneerskaya and Komendantsky Prospect.

  3. Sunny and probably pretty toasty. :)

  4. It's pretty! How fun to go ahead and set up shop. We built our house from the ground up, so all over our studs and headers, under the drywall, we wrote stuff like, "The Loveshack" and "I love you." Maybe a few pictures too! Across our entire roof, underneath the shingles, Dee spray-painted, "I Love Ruth!" Silly little stuff, that would make it hard to leave if God ever called us to move!


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