Friday, March 25, 2011

The place where I live

Not too much longer in my current apartment! Well, I've got about 3 months left until I move, but I'm sure it will go by fast! Pretty soon we'll have to look for married housing...eeek.

A year ago, there were a few specific things I was dreaming of. A piece of paper that would let me stay in one place for awhile, and an apartment to rent were two of the things that would help me feel a little settled. We all long for stability in this life, and it's not guaranteed, but the Lord knew about my longings.

I handed in my residency application in April, but it wasn't until a few months later until the time came for me to move. I am sure that His timing was right. My then-roommate was getting ready to leave the country, and it was time to part ways.

The scary, exploding water heater
At the same time, a girl from my church was also seeking to change her living situation, and we found a 2-room apartment to share.

This apartment has fit my needs in so many ways! It's a fixer-upper, but even its disrepair fit my criteria. I wanted to be able to get a little creative without upsetting the landlord.

The even better part of moving in here was that through the move and the renovations, Andrey had an excuse to be around helping me a little more, and that turned out to be very beneficial for our friendship. By the time the wallpaper was up, we were dating. :) continue reading/-

For the past 8 months, I've luxuriously enjoyed having a room of my own...

...a bed just for sleeping, that doesn't have to be folded up during the day:

A place to work:

A bigger room (Yulia's), suitable for hosting Bible study each week:

And a kitchen big enough both for cooking and for sitting around. This turned out to be the spot where Andrey proposed.

Each time I moved, I would think to myself...will this be my last rental before I'm married? My last girly bedroom?

I didn't know this apartment would be it, but it's been a special year.


  1. Well, I don't know how "girlie" your present bedroom is (maybe you were subconsciously preparing yourself), but I ADORE the fact that you have a photo of the kitchen where Andrey proposed. How dear!

  2. I only wish I had a photo of ANDREY when he proposed. :) Well, I do have a few candids, but professional would be nice, too.


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