Friday, August 27, 2010

Making progress

Thank goodness for good friends! Some girls from church came over and helped me with priming and spackling.

No need to judge, we're only amateurs...:)


  1. Looks like a cave to me! :)

    I am sure it will look much better soon!

  2. I'm presuming that in Russia people are allowed to do "whatever" to their apartments? You are certainly going at it - that's for sure! You must mean to stay there for awhile.

  3. -I don't think the landlord really cares. The decor is all really old, so pretty much anything we do to it will only be an improvement.

    -We have a 1-yr lease right now. For me that's long enough to make some changes. And if we don't renew, at least we will leave it in good shape for the next person!


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