Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking a breather

It's been an amazing week! About a week ago I was at McDonald's in Massachusetts on my way to the airport; right now I'm using the free wireless at McDonald's in St. Petersburg. :)

Jet-lag is really tough, but I can't help but wonder if it is a blessing in disguise that dulls the senses and makes intense situations easier to bear...

I arrived in 90-degree weather and went straight to the new apartment. The weather has stayed in the 90's for the whole week. I have never seen this kind of weather here before. It's incredible, especially when you have the sun coming up at 5:30 and setting at 10:30. No fans or air conditioning in most places.

I didn't sleep much for the first few nights and forced myself to be up and about during the day. I got important things done like registration and started the long list of tasks to do in the apartment. It is starting to look more "homey" even though there is a lot left to do.

On Monday I worked for about 5 hours straight packing everything up at the old place. We had to take two trips since it wouldn't fit in the car, and finished the last load at around midnight.

Yesterday I went to pick up my registration, and as a bonus got to try playing a pipe organ. Hard, but fun!

Last night my apartment mate hung some heavy blankets over my windows, and I finally slept through the night!

So that's the week, in a nutshell. I'm hoping that we'll get Internet access one of these days.


  1. I don't remember how/where I found your blog but I saved it because you live in St. Petersburg. {Are you a missionary or student there?} I just visited there on a cruise. And it was hot in the entire Baltic Sea region on our vacation. All of the cute sweaters and jackets that I bought were of no use. Oh well, I'll take hot and sunny any day.

  2. I'm a missionary, sometimes student. It has been unbelievably hot this summer. I will remember it the next time I want to complain about the cold climate!


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