Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the ex-USSR

Actually, that's misleading. Estonia still counts as the former USSR! But it is definitely a different world.

On Saturday, we met in a little neighborhood outside of Tallinn for a retreat with our ministry partners serving in Montenegro and Belarus. We all stayed in a little house, sharing meals and fellowship together.

Then it was back to "real" life. We were sad to say goodbye, but happy to get back to our respective "homes." I have to admit, it was a relief to get back to St. Petersburg after sleepy Estonia. And the bright evening sunshine was a nice welcome!


  1. I'd love for you to describe sometime how you created/fell into/inherited the rich and wide-spread Christian community that you have.

  2. What an interesting question! It is very much a process. Sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental, but always for a reason. Maybe I will write about it sometime.


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